Strength & Conditioning for MMA one day workshop.

#PWRTHR Strength & Conditioning for MMA one day workshop.
Sunday 25th of Feburary 1030-1500  £65
Powering through performance
Unit 8 Eckersley Road
Essex CM1 1SL

This workshop will cover Coach William Wayland’s approach to strength & conditioniong for MMA fighters, this will also be applicable to other combat athletes such as Judo, BJJ, Boxing and Muay Thai. William has worked with standout british UFC fighters Arnold Allen & Luke Barnatt, Cage Warriors and BCMMA champions, BJJ and Nogi champions and recreational grapplers around the world.

To be covered in this Seminar

• What role does the S&C coach play.

Competencies, responsibilities and objectives of the S&C coach. How this integrates with sports coaching and how best to work together.

• Identifying Strength, Power and Fitness in Fighters.

How we decide if a fighter is strong enough? How do we measure power and fitness.

• Strength Training Methods, Triphasic, Peaking and LTAD.

What methods, lifts, programs and approaches should we use? What is most time efficient, appropriate and beneificial to the athlete?

• Practical application of Strength training for fighters.

Exercise selection, demonstration of PWRTHR Quadratum, how to shift through strength qualities approaching a fight and how to test readiness and camp fatigue.

• Practical application of conditioning training for fighters.

Exercise selection, demonstration of Hi/Lo approach to conditioning for fighters.

• Q&A to finish.

Who is William Wayland? William is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He works in Essex, U.K., where he is responsible for the preparation of UFC fighters, professional boxers, world champion grappling athletes, and professional golfers. He has presented at conferences and private seminars to some of the best in the industry.

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